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  1. All mako sharks must be caught fly casting to the fish (no trolling!)
  2. All fish must be caught with flies with no artificial sprays, gels, or fish oils added to the fly materials
  3. All hooks must be barbless
  4. All fish must be hooked in the mouth
  5. All fish must be released
  6. All fish must be photographed with a digital camera with the time and date included on the photo or stored with the photo image file
  7. No team can set up within another teams chum slick within eyesight of the initiating boat
  8. Boats must remain at least 1/2-mile apart
  9. Six flies shall be provided by the Tournament Committee, and are the only flies that may be used
  10. Leaders shall be constructed as follows:
    1. The monofilament or fluorocarbon tippet shall not exceed a rated breaking strength of 30 pounds test
    2. Leaders shall have at least 3 feet of monofilament or fluorocarbon material
    3. Monofilament or fluorocarbon tippets must be at least 18-inches in length between the knots
    4. Wire leader bite tippets shall not be less than 3 feet nor exceed 4-feet in length
  11. Only one rod can be fished at any point. No flies can be cast when another angler is fighting a fish until that fish is caught and the fly removed or lost
  12. A fish is CAUGHT when the captain grabs the leader, a digital photo is taken, and the fly is retrieved still attached to the wire bite tippet with the original knots
  13. No chum or fishing can start until the Tournament committee notifies the anglers
  14. All fish must be hooked within the Tournament designated fishing hours
  15. Fish hooked within the Tournament designated fishing time may be fought past the end of the designated fishing period. All point rules remain in effect (gains and losses) for a fish hooked within the designated fishing period
  16. No live fish shall be removed from the water for any reason!
  17. Tournament boats shall convene one hour before Tournament designated fish hours just outside the Mission Bay jetty where the Tournament boat will initiate a shotgun start via a “starter pistol” by the Committee boat.


  1. The team shall receive 75 points for each mako hooked (regardless of size) that is attracted to a chum slick. Chum shall comply with California Department of Fish and Game regulations and shall consist of fish products or commercially produced chum that consists of fish byproducts. No mammal byproducts can be used as chum (consistent w/ Cal Fish & Game regs)
  2. The team that lands the first mako shark that does not receive a deduction shall be awarded a 100 point bonus
  3. The team shall receive a 150 point bonus for mako sharks estimated to be in excess of 200 lbs. The captain and team must obtain a picture with a reference (yardstick, release stick handle, etc.) in the picture to allow the Tournament Committee to concur with the Captain’s assessment on estimated size. The 150 point bonus shall be awarded only after the Tournament Committee reviews the picture and concurs with the estimated size
  4. The team shall receive 25 points for each blue shark caught and released as per the rules. A blue shark shall only be hooked and released one time during the tournament.
  5. The team shall receive a 25-point deduction for foul hooking a fish. The hook point must be within the rim of the mouth
  6. The team shall receive a 50-point deduction for not retrieving the fly

Tie Breaking Criteria:

In case of a tie in points, the following criteria will be applied in order of priority. The first team to separate based on the following criteria will receive a higher order in the tournament results.

  1. Total number of mako sharks caught without a penalty
  2. Total number of mako sharks landed that are estimated and confirmed by the Tournament Committee greater than 200 pounds